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2024 運動会 !!
2024 Sports Day !!
The Opening Speech!!
The Penguin Class Dance
"Can you dance!?"
"Yes, we can!!"
Starfish Class: "The Hokey Pokey!"
Dolphin Class Parachute Performance
Wow! Look how big it is!
Where did everybody go!?
The Penguin Class
"Where should I go?" Race
"Good Job!!"
The Strider Bikes!
She looks so happy!
Turned that corner fast!
Dolphin Class
"Grab the Cap!" Game
Who grabbed the most caps?
The international favorite : Tug of War!!
"We won!!"
Students vs. Students
Are we pulling or pushing!?
Students vs. Teachers
The students put up a great fight!
Students beat the teachers easily!
Keep pulling everone!
Moms are ready for the tug of war!
The Dolphin Class moms
You`re too excited!!
Fancy warriors
Stylish warriors
The Dolphin Class dads!
More dads!
Lots of strong dads
More powerful dads!
The Penguin Half-Track !
And they're off!
Round the bend !
"On your mark, get set・・・"
It's a dead heat!
Who's going to win!!
"Are you ready!"
Don`t drop that baton!
Here they come around the bend!
There's the finish line!!
Who'll be first!!
Now the elementary school class!
Very competitive!
The Closing Speech!
We all had a great day!!