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淡路島:国立明石海峡公園に行ってきました !!
Awaji Island Field Trip
"We're going on a field trip today!"
Let's go to Awaji Island!
We`re here!!
Let`s take a walk in the park!
There are so many beautiful flowers!
What a huge field!!
Lying in the grass is so refreshing!
I love the swirly slide!
"Let`s slide down together!"
This is like Tarzan!!
Ready?! Here we go!
"I can sleep in the sun here....zzz"
Up we go!! One, Two, One, Two・・・
C'mon! You can do it!!
"Ready, Aim, Fire!!"
"Let`s do bubbles! "
Lunch time and the sun has come out!!
Ready to eat!
It`s really fun to eat together!
Back home onto the bus:
Sweet dreams・・・
We had a lot of fun today!!