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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony 2024 !!
Today is the 2024 Graduation Ceremony!
Flowers for our mothers.
Diplomas for the graduates.
"Are you nervous?"
"No, I`m excited!"
"Don`t move, ok?"
They look relaxed!
The ceremony has begun!
Everybody is seated on the stage.
The teacher calls each student's name.
Bow to receive your diploma.
Receiving the diploma.
He receives the diploma nicely!
Graduate students give speeches.
"When I grow up I want to be a ..."
"Mom, thank you for taking
me to Blue Dolphins everyday!"
"Mom, thank you for making me lunch!"
Younger students present
graduates with flowers.
Exiting the stage with heads held high!
The Penguin Class Performance!
Baby sharks!
Starfish Class Play: "A Letter to a god"
Kicking the ball!"
Quack Quack!!
Hop Hop!!
They did a great job!!
The Emperor wants new clothes
and have a parade!
The servants brought tailors
from all over the world.
The best tailors in China- NEE HOW!
The best tailors in Japan - Wa-shaw! Wa-SHAW!
American tailors can dance too!
Look what the Brazilian tailors made!
Egyptian tailors are mysterious-
The emperor likes dancing but
he doesn't like the clothes-
Uh-Oh! Are these really the best clothes?
The Empress thinks they all look great!
'You look wonderful!'
'Your Highness! Put on some clothes!'
"Thank you very much to all of our teachers!!"
Congratulations Class of 2024!