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ハロウィンパーティー !!
Halloween Party !!
Today is the Halloween party!!
Happy Halloween!!
'I heard there's candy!'
"Don't I look cool!"
Free time in our Halloween costumes!
Look at all the different costumes!
'Can you guess what we are!?'
"Do you know what I am~?"
The Mickey Mouse Brothers!!
Candy search in the dark
One of my favorite games!
Princesses in sky blue!!
Rapunzel and her winged friend!
KiKi`s Delivery Service!!
The Spiderman Brothers!!
The Mario Brothers!!
Posing with friends and our teacher the butterfly!
The Ninja Turtle Brothers!
Yes! We do a pinata at our Halloween parties!!
Halloween Bingo!
The haunted house is scary in the dark.
Imagine this in the pitch dark!
"We won so we got
a special assortment of snacks!!"
Mr. Ken's Magic Show!!
That was a weird trick!
"We all had a great day!!"