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秋の遠足 !!
Autumn Field Trip !!
"Today, we have a school trip!! Yeaaaah!!"
"We are so excited!!"
"We`re here!"
"There's an old-fashioned house!"
"Let`s go into the woods!!"
"We need to find a blue butterfly!"
"I found a big acorn!!"
Let`s catch some bugs!!
"There's something here!・・・"
"I got it!!"
"Look at this!"
"It`s a cricket!!"
"Teacher! we`ve got a grasshopper!!"
"We`ve got so many bugs!!"
What did you get...?
"Next, we`re going crayfishing!"
"There are cattails growing in the water too!"
"I got one! Get the net!"
"They look like baby lobsters!"
"This one is bright red!"
Lunch in a lovely old-fashioned thatched house!!
"My mom`s sandwich is so yummy!"
Enjoying lunch with friends!!
They are like brothers!!
He`s exhausted.
We had a great time!!