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かき氷 !!
Let`s eat shaved ice !!
Today, we`re going to make shaved ice!!
First, press here.
"Can we eat this...?"
It`s the first time for him!
"It's so cooold!"
What`s this?!
"I don't know, but I`ll try it."
"Super yummy!!"
"Mine is strawberry flavor!"
"I love it!!"
Do you eat it with chopsticks...?
"I like the Blue Hawaii!"
They chose grape.
"Wow! It is shaving the ice!!"
He looks very happy, doesn`t he?
"I can do it by myself!"
'What color is my tongue?'
It is fun to eat with friends.!
'Lemon is cold AND sour!!'
'Oh my! It's freezing in the summer!'
'AH! Ice treats are so refreshing!!!