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お泊り保育 !!
The 2023 Pajama Party !!
"Today is the summer pajama party!!"
"Look at my dinner!"
"We are ready to eat!!"
"What food did you chose!?"
"Thank you for the dinner!"
"Let`s eat!!"
"How delicious!!"
"I love rice balls!!"
"Ice cream is delicious!!"
"Rock, Scissors, Paper, 1, 2, 3 !!"
"You are a winner!!"
"Next, let`s do fireworks!!"
"I`m a bit scared of fireworks..."
"It`s so beautiful, isn`t it!?"
Time for bed!!
She is exhausted.
Zzzzz...sweet dreams!
"We slept so well!"
Time for breakfast!!
"Which one should I take..."
A snapshot with friends!
"We all had a great time!!
"We love pajama parties!!"