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2023 運動会 !!
Sports Day !!
Everybody, sit properly!!
The Opening Speech!!
The Dolphin Class Funky Performance!
"Uptown Funk!!"
The Starfish Performance!
The Penguin Class Performance!
Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!
"I'm so tired..."
The Penguin Class Race:"Where should I go?"
"There's my Mom!!"
"I miss dad~!"
The Strider Bikes!
"I'm confident! I`m going to win!"
That's a sharp turn!!
Dolphin Class Game:"Grab the Cap"
Are you ready!?
He missed! Lucky me!
Team up and get it!
"Rats, They got my cap!"
Girls vs Boys on this one!
Now it's Students vs Teachers!
The Tug of War!!
Students vs Students
Students vs ONE Teacher!
They were too strong!
Everybody, pull!!
"Pull, pull. PULL!"
Students vs Parents!
Teachers help students
These dads are serious!!
Parents Game: Dodgeball!
Nice throwing!! Nice dodging!
Watch out!
The Penguin Half-Track Run!
The Starfish Full-Track Race!
They love running!
An intense finish!
We need the instant replay video!
'Did I win?!'
"On your mark, get set…"
The Dolphin Full Track Relay!
Don't drop that baton!
The Closing Speeches!
"I got a gold medal!!"
We all had a great day!!