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春の遠足 !!
Spring Field Trip !!
"We're going on a field trip today!!"
Riding the bus was fun!!
They look so happy!!
Older students hold hands with younger students.
Here we go!!
Kobbeko Land!!
It looks so fun!!
"We each have our own spot!"
"Are you scared?"
"No, this is fun!!"
"Let`s go rock-climbing!!"
"It`s easy to climb because I`m a monkey!!"
"I made it!!"
Having fun with friends!!
"Come on in!!"
"So relaxing!!"
Three in the hole!
"Look, I can climb the pole!"
"No, I don`t think so..."
"We want to start a boy band"!!
"We're on top of the hill!!
"I`m sliding down!!"
Lunch Time!
Best friends sitting together!!
"These lunches are yummy!
Thanks, mommy"!!
I love the bus ride back too.
Exhausted but happy.
What a great day at Kobekko Land!