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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony !!
Ceremony Banner
Diplomas, and cap & gowns
Coursages for the graduating students
Clipping on the caps
Graduation gift table
Bouquets for each student
Straightening the tassel
Posing for a photo
Before the ceremony
Flowers for mothers
Giving a speech
Speeches went well
'Someday I want to go to.....'
'Mom and Dad, thank you for.....'
'When I grow up I want to be a ....'
'We will miss you so much!'
'Thank you to our teachers!'
Thank you, Mrs. Bansho!
Penguins warming up!
Lots of animal costumes in the Penguin class
Big actions in the Penguin dance
The Clock Dance by the Penguin Class
Starfish pulling on the big radish
Starfish in The Big Radish
More pulling on that radish
will it ever come out!?
It must be really big!
Starfish actors
Harvesting the big radish takes
a lot of preparation
They look confident!
The anchor is the strongest!
'We did it!'
Farmers and farm animals work together!
Wendy reading a story to John and Michelle
Mother comes to lock the windows
and say 'good night'.
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell enter!
The Lost Children and the Indians play.
The Pirates enter.
The Pirates take captives.
They children attend the Indian Pow-Wow.
They beat the pirates!
Indian greeting
Mermaids curtsy
Captain Hook actors bow for applause.
Wendy actors during curtain call
Peter pan actors reprise their roll.
The whole cast sings 'Fly to Your Heart'