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November Field Trip to Osaka's Asobi Mare!!
On the way to Osaka waiting for the train!
"We love riding the train!"
Welcome to Asobi Mare!!
What a huge pool of balls!!
Look how high we can climb!!
I win!
This is like a moon walk!
It's our secret spy base!
Yay! I'm the king of the castle!
This is what a jockey does!
You've got to work together- 1,2,1,2,1,2!
Lunch time! We're starving!
This banana looks delicious, doesn't it?
Hai, cheese!
Yay! I'm famished.
After lunch we can still play!!
"Look how huge this car is !!"
Racing!! Go, go, go!!
I will not lose!
<Sigh> We had fun.
We played so much. Time for a nap.
It was fantastic!
We definitely want to come again!!