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ハロウィンパーティー !!
Halloween Party !!
Today is the Halloween party !!
Everyone came to school in costumes !!
We are all beautiful princesses !!
We look like the real Spider-Man, don't we !?
What cute jack-o-lanterns !!
"We're cool in red costumes, aren't we !"
"We aaaaaaaare PURI-KYUA !!
We'll get the bad guys !!"
I wonder what are we going to do next !
Now, let's start candy hunting in the dark !!
Will you go in the Haunted House ?
"Where are the candies !?"
This is my first candy hunt at Blue Dolphins !!
"Look !! I found so many candies !!"
"I got a special assortment of snacks !!"
Next: game time !!
"I got three !!"
How many snacks can I grab~~ ?
I, the policeman, will catch you !!
Next: The capsule toy grab !!
I wonder what I got !
The finale: The magic show !!
Smile and say 'trick or treat' !!
Posing with friends !!
We hope you had a great day !!