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あいな里山公園に行ってきました !!
School Trip !!
Today, we have a school trip !!
"We can't wait !!"
The weather is nice today,
so I hope it will be a fun day !!
We're here!
Such a beautiful park !!
"Look !! This is my house !!"
So many grasshoppers !!
"I'll get you~ !!"
"This is a huge grasshopper, isn't it !?"
This pampas grass is mystical !!
"Look at that grasshopper over there !!"
Next, we're going fishing for crayfish !!
When a crayfish grabs the food,
gently pull up the string....
”I just caught this crayfish !!”
"Can I hold it....?"
"I got one !!"
The sun is warm and it feels great !!
"Oh, teacher, I'll help you !!"
Lunch in a lovely thatched house !!
"Peeeeeeace !!"
Enjoying lunch with friends!!
"Mom and dad, thank you for
the delicious lunch !!"
Yummy !!
Let's eat our snacks on the porch !!
I'm not sleepy, teacher!
Today was a really great day at such
a beautiful place !!