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アイスクリームを作ろう !!
Let's make an icecream !!
Guess what we're going to make today!!
It is everyone's favorite cold food…
Yes !! Ice cream!!
What temperature is ice cream?
Ice cream must be much colder:-15 degrees!
Ice isn't cold enough to make ice cream,
but if you add salt to the ice it drops to -15°!
Amazing chemical reaction!
It really is -15°!!
We put the milk in a different bag
with some sugar and vanilla! Then seal it tight!
Now put the bag of milk into the bag
of the super cold ice and seal that tight too!
Now.......shake it!!!!!!
Keep shaking ... more shaking....
take turns shaking.... shake it together!!
Oh My! It worked! The milk froze!
We have ice cream! Let's top it with berries!!
It's delicious!!
So sweet!!
Brain freeze! My head hurts!
This was an awesome project!!