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かき氷 !!
Let's eat shaved ice !!
Today, we're going to make shaved ice!!
First, press here and then you can hear
the ice shaver doing its job!
"Look!! Shaved ice is coming out!!"
It looks delicious, isn't it?
"I chose the Blue Hawaii flavor!"
"We got strawberry and melon flavors!!"
"We have the same flavor!!"
Oh! this is so yummy, melts in my mouth!!
So cold, it quenches my thirst!
"Mom and Dad, I made this one!!
"I really like summer!
I love eating shaved ice!!"
Look!! I ate everything
so my tongue turned purple!!
It was fun eating with my lovely friends!!
"I can do it by myself!!"
Yum, yum!!
I really like shaved ice!
I will try another flavor!!
How refreshing, what a fun day!!