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Float or sink ?
"Today, we're going to have an experiment!"
"Can you guess what things float or sink?
"Yes, let's try it!!"
"Do you think the carrot will sink or float?"
"Hmm, we think it will sink!!"
"Look, the carrot sinks!
We made the right guess!"
"Oh!! this banana floats!!"
"How about this aluminum foil?"
"I put a plastic spoon,
it isn't heavy so it floats!"
"This time, I'll put a metal spoon!!"
"Wow!! The plastic spoon floats
while the metal one sinks!"
"She tried to put a plastic cup,
and it initially floats but..."
".....eventually it sinks! How interesting!"
"We made these cool boats!"
"Yay!! Our boats are floating in the pool!!"
"Look at my boat!! It is pretty, isn't it?"
"We had fun learning today!
We love to discover new things!"