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プール遊び !!
Playing in the pool !!
Warm-up dance
to the tune of "Jamboree Mickey!!"
"I feel so good with this float!!"
Yaaaaaah, here I come!!
Can you take a picture of my cute smile?
Let's do this together!!
"I love floating on the water !!"
"My goggles are cool, right?"
"I have so many floats, and I can't get out!!"
Look at me, yeah!!
"Watch out!! The splash of water is coming!!"
"We're gonna shoot you with our water guns!!"
"Holding the handle with both hands, I am safe!!"
"We love summer!!"
The water is refreshing and it feels good!!
We're having fun in the big pool!!
Say cheese!!
Splash-splash, this is like a washing machine!!
Beautiful smiles all day long!!
"Please don't shoot me !!"
This is so fun, summer please stay!!