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お泊り保育 !!
Pajama Party !!
Today is our Pajama Party and
our dinner is curry!
I can't wait to eat!
It looks so yummy!
"We're ready to eat!!"
"We love curry!!"
"How delicious!!"
"After dinner, let's scoop some super balls!!"
"Yeah, so fun!!"
"I'll scoop as many as I can!!"
It's exciting to do it together!!
Gently and carefully, I can do this....
"Oh no, the paper was torn!!"
"Look!! We got so many different colors!!"
Next, let's do fireworks!!
"It's so beautiful, isn't it!?"
Look at those fireworks!!
Fireworks went up and it looks so bright!!
"Ooooooo!!!! Ahhhhh!!"
Wearing our pajamas, say cheese everyone!!
Everyone was sound asleep after a long day!
Zzzzz...sweet dreams!
I love you mom....sleep tight...
Comfy in this tiny bed!
Time for breakfast!!
Everything looks delicious!!
"A snapshot with my friend!!"
A good meal must be shared!!
We all had a blast!!
This pajama party is for the books!!