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淡路島:国立明石海峡公園に行ってきました !!
Field trip to the Awaji island !!
Let's go to Awaji Island !!
We can't wait !!
"We're here !!"
"It's like a tropical island, isn't it !?"
This feels great !!
Say cheese together !!
Let's take a walk !!
Is that an animal ?
"There are lots of beautiful flowers,
aren't there !?"
Look at that funny train !!
Let's have lunch !!
It's really fun to eat together !!
"We love the rice balls, mom !!"
Peeeeeace !!
"I went out the bottom !!"
"Feels gooooood!!"
Let's slide together !!
"I want to do it again !!"
Like Tarzan !!
One, two, one, two…
I found It !!
This is so fun !!
Don't fall !!
I'm exhausted…
Sweet dreams …
We had a lot of fun today!!