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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony !!
The stage is ready!
Beautiful flowers for moms to say "Thank you!"
"Let's make sure your hat fits."
"Yes, this is it!"
"Do I look cool?"
"We are ready to graduate!!"
"Let's take a picture before
the graduation ceremony!!"
She looks nervous but did her speech very well!
Confidently facing the audience!
Be proud.
This is the big day!!
Attentively listening
while waiting our turn to speak!
Everybody knows what to do!!
"You did your best, congratulations!!"
Receiving the diploma, "Here you are!"
"I'm next!!"
"I want to be a math teacher
because I like mathematics!!"
"I want to work in a hotel someday!!"
"Thank you very much, Mom!!"
Message to graduates
Graduation march
Bouquet from junior students
Thank you teachers!!
"Momotaro Play"
"Once upon a time…”
”Momotaro conquer the Devil!!"
"We are going to follow you!!"
"Where is the Oni island?"
"We're also ready to fight!!"
It's finally time to get rid of the Oni!!
In the end, they lived happily ever after.
"That was so fun!!"