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We went to Kobe Animal Kingdom!!
"On the way to our much-awaited field trip!!"
"Be careful, we are crossing the road!"
"We can't wait to get there!!"
"Which train should we take?"
"We love riding the train together!!"
Next stop: "We are going to the Port Liner!"
"We arrived at the closest station."
"We are finally here!"
"How cute this puppy is!"
"What a big turtle!!"
"We've touched the kangaroo's back!!"
He is staring at the Capybara!
Look!! A beautiful parrot!!
"Wow!! The Bird Show is very impressive!!"
"Can I pet you?"
"Great tiger!!"
"Do you see the long tail?"
Playtime with this interesting raccoon!
Lunch time !!
Enjoying my lunch with friends!!
"I love my mom's sandwiches!!"
"Time to go back to school!!"
Clickety-clack !!
"I'm exhausted after a long day..."
"We all had a wonderful time!"