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運動会 !!
Sports Day !!
Today is Sports Day!!
"We can do it!!"
The Opening Speeches!!
Penguin Class' Performance.
Move your arms like a monkey!!
K1 Class' Performance.
K2 & K3 Class' Performance
Let's dance in a circle!!
Penguin Class Activity:
"Who do I run to!?"
My first sports day!!
"I miss mom~~!!"
"Are you OK ? Let's go together!!"
"Strider !! I will not lose!!"
"Go! Go! Go!!!"
"The Big Ball Relay!!"
"Keep on rolling!!"
”The Tug of War!!"
"Heave ! Ho!"
Daddies v Elementary Students!!
"Hang in there, daddy!!"
The Penguins "Half-Track Run!!"
"I got a gold medal!!"
K1 Class "Full Track Race!!"
On your mark, get set…GO!
It's a close race!!
K2 & K3 Class: "Full Track Relay!!"
'These medals are so cool!'
The closing speeches!!
'What a great day!'