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サツマイモ掘り !!
Digging sweet potatoes !!
Field Trip Day!!
We can't wait!!
"Almost ready!!"
"I can see something purple!!"
"It's so hard to pull this out!!"
"We got so many potatoes!!"
"Whooooooa! How big is this?"
"I fell down but I still got one!!"
"Look! I got a big one!!"
"What a great harvest of potatoes!"
"Mom, let's eat these together at home!!"
Lunch time on the farm!!
Say cheese!!
Eating with a smile!
Thanks for the rice ball, mom!
"Happily eating after digging!!"
It's so fun to eat together on a fine day!!
"We love climbing trees!!"
Let's make bubbles!!
Posing for a snapshot! Yeahhh!!
Can you make a long balloon like this one?
"Look what I've found!!"
"Wow!! I made a big bubble !!"
I can carry my sister!!
"I found a beautiful dandelion!!"
Sleepyyyyy~!! We're going back to school!
It was so fun today!!