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水遊び !!
Water play !!
Warming up before waterplay !!
"I'm so happy !!"
"I'm so excited !!"
"This is fun !!"
Aim for the target !
Now it's raining !!
Cheese !!
"I want to grab it !"
"Today I can't play in the water,
but I'm still having lots of fun !"
Pew! Pew! Pew !
How many super balls are there ?
"One, two. three...."
"I'm exhausted..."
"AH! This is so cool!"
"I'm gonna catch you !"
"Stop shooting~~!!"
The sprinkler!!
Let's take a nice picture !!
Making a funny face !
This is serious water training !!
"Ahh! Paradise !!"
"We love water play !!"