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実験:水の循環 !!
Let's learn the water cycle!!
"Do you know what water cycle is?"
"Time to learn some science vocabulary,
let's color it first!!"
"I'm learning about evaporation, condensation,
precipitation, and collection!"
"Now, let's try to show how water cycle works!"
"This is my ocean in a zip lock bag!"
"Look!, evaporation happens
when the sun heats the water!"
"It rains when clouds get heavy!
That's precipitation!"
"I want to try how to make raindrops!"
"Let's mix the blue color with water
to form clouds!"
"This shaving cream is so cool,
I can make clouds!"
"I can do it! This is so interesting!"
"Wow! The rain is starting to fall!"
"What a learning experience!!"
"After the experiment,
I can label my water cycle worksheet!"