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お泊り保育 !!
Pajama Party ‼
Today is the long-awaited Pajama Party!!
And dinner is curry!!
"We can't wait to eat!!"
"Everybody put your hands together!!"
"We are ready to eat!!"
"How delicious!!"
"I love curry!!"
Off to the park!!
"I love slides!!"
"Look how high I can go!!"
"Look at these fireworks!!"
"Ooooooo!!!! Ahhhhh!!"
"Next, let's do fireworks!!"
"This is really pretty, isn't it?"
"Hey, look! Isn't this cool?"
"It was so fun!!"
"We are Spider-Man!!"
"Who will be the first one to sleep!!"
"Sleep, at last"
"I miss my Teddy Bear"
But my bag will do the trick”
"Sweet dreams"
"Which one should I have..."
"I'll have this much!!"
"We can eat this much!!"
"Let's eat!!"
Let's dig in!!
"This is delicious!!"
"We really enjoyed everything!!"
This pajama party is for the books!!