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火山を作ろう !!
”Volcano !!”
”Do you know what's going on inside
an active volcano?"
"Let's make a volcano!"
"We can pile up the crumpled paper to make it
tall and high!"
"Let's stick them together!"
"Wow, this is so interesting!"
"Let's color the magma chamber!"
Preparing the vinegar and the baking soda to
make the volcanic eruption work!
Here's the red food color for the lava!!
Excited to see what will happen next
when I pour the baking soda!!
I'm getting curious....!!
What happens when I add the mixture?"
It's bubbling up, the lava is coming out!"
Oh no! The volcano erupted!
"What shall we do,
run or blow it away?"
"After the experiment,
I can label the parts of the volcano!!"
What a learning experience!
Quite scary but fun!