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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony !!
Stage decor
Cap and gown packed up afterwards.
Flowers for moms
"Is that your mom there?"
"Put on your mask."
"Let’s make sure your hat is straight."
"Do I look cool!?"
"This is the big day!"
Class picture in the dressing room!
She looks a bit nervous.
"I'm next!"
Everyone is seated.
Anticipation- I can't wait!
Walking to the diploma podium.
Receiving the diploma
"I want to be a florist someday."
Thank you very much, mom!"
Thank you, teachers. We will miss you!
Flowers for their teachers
Arriving for the show
"Where is my mom?"
Balloons! What a great surprise!
Penguin Class Performance in the 'forest'
La la la la la~
Penguins dancing and singing
Our favorite number!
Glad I brought my binoculars!
A wintery day on stage
A mouse says SQUEAK
Sheep say BAA-BAA!
Rabbits hop high
The Mitten performers
Thank you very much!
The Goats And The Wolves
Little goats
Mother and Father Goat
"Wolves came into our house!!"
"Let's hide in the bathtub!"
Oh no! It's not mother and father!
The fairies have good ideas!
Glad those wolves don't eat meat anymore!
"That was so fun!"