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クリスマスパーティー !!
Christmas Party !!
"We have a Christmas Party today!!"
"Let`s ring the bell!!"
"Hello everyone!!"
"It`s a Real Santa!!・・・!!
"I got a wonderful present!!"
Let`s take a picture together!
"I'm so happy!" "Santa is here!!"
All smiles with Santa!
"I shook hands with Santa!!"
Penguin Class, Happy Faces!!
Who wants a present from Santa!?
"I doooo!!!"
Happy faces!
Merry Christmas!!
"We want Ultraman toys!"
We are making pine cone necklaces!
"I'm helping Santa do his laundry."
"Why does Santa have small clothes?!"
Double Santas!!
"Starfish Class, Everybody smile!!"
"Santa Clause, please come to our school!!"
Santa came!!
Reindeer & Santa!!
Princess & Santa!!
"I want to show this picture to my friends!"
"I want to have a picture with Santa, too!"
"I'm excited to open Santa's present!"
"Happy with our presents!"
"What is inside??"
"Paper again・・・???"
"Let's make a nice reindeer!"
"My reindeer is cute!"
Our Christmas craft!
"Merry Christmas, everyone!!"