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サツマイモ堀り !!
Digging sweet potatoes !!
Field Trip Day!!
"We are so excited!!"
We made it to the sweet potato farm!!
"Almost ready!!"
"I can see something purple !!"
"It's so hard to dig out!!"
"I got one!!"
"Can you take my picture please!?"
"We got so many!!"
"Thi sis so fun!!"
"Mom & Dad, I`ll bring this home for you!!"
We got a lot, didnt we!?
"Mom, let`s eat these together at home!!"
"I got big ones!!"
Lunch Time!!
"There is something inside that tree!!"
"I want those drangonflies!"
What did you catch!?
"I found many acorns!!"
"Let's make bubbles!!"
"I love sweet potatoes!!"