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お泊り保育 !!
Pajama Party !!
Today is the annual pajama party!!
Today's dinner is curry!!
"I`ll eat all of this!"
"Curry! My FAVORITE!"
"We can`t wait to eat!!"
"We`ll eat a lot!!"
"I`m enjoying the Pajama Party!"
"We will eat this together!!"
"We're ready!"
"Everybody, put your hands together!"
Everyone is happy with the curry!!
"Do you want to have some more?"
"Yes. I`m still hungry!"
Off to the park!
"Wow, smokeeeeey!"
Keep it away from your body!
Hooray, for fireworks!
Playing at the park at night with friends.
"Can I climb it?"
"It is so exciting to play during night time!"
"We are ghosts ~."
"I`m NOT your mooooom!!"
She is dreaming of a fashion model isn`t she!?
"I wonder which one is yummy."
"We`ll eat this much!!"
"I slept well last night!"
It`s the first time for me to eat breakfast
with my friends.
"I like bread!!"
It's so yummy!
"We could sleep by ourselves!"
"We loved the pajama party!!"