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入園式 !!
Orientation Ceremony !!
Welcome to our Orientation Ceremony
for the SY 2020-2021!
Starting my preschool memory!
A photo with Mom and Dad..Smile!
New preschool life starts!!
"What is this ?"
"It`s your name tag."
They seem nervous, don`t they?.....
”Oh yes, we are moving up!”
"How do I look with my school uniform?"
"Ahhhh, so cool!"
Trying to figure out where this tassel goes....
"Thank you for helping!"
"Mom, am I really ready for school?"
New students` entrance!!
Marching to the beat of our entrance song,
"Obladi, oblada."
Oops, excited to go next....Not yet!!
"Don`t worry, take it easy. You can do it!"
Well done!!
Our learning adventure begins! Here we are!
Words of welcome from older students
Question time: "What`s your name?"
"How old are you?"
"I`m three."
"Are you happy?"
"Yes, I am!!"
Teachers delivering their welcome speech!
”Are we having fun yet? I`m getting tired.”
Congratulations to our new batch of preschoolers!
Let's get ready to learn!