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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony !!
Finally, the much-awaited day has come!
We are so glad to have our graduation ceremony!
Beautiful flowers for the parents who supported
us throughout our preschool years.
Graduation diploma!
Yay, we are moving up to first grade soon!
Dolphin students are getting ready
to graduate! Here we go!
"Stay still, okay!?"
"Do I look nice?"
"Am I walking nicely?"
A bit nervous...
"I feel embarassed."
Everybody got ready.
Posing for a nice class graduation photo!
Receiving the diploma.
"Thank you very much."
My turn to walk excitedly to get my diploma.
Mixed emotions.....happy to graduate
but sad to leave Blue Dolphins.
Now it's time to deliver my speech!
Very well said!
Mom, thank you for making my lunch everyday.
"We are friends forever!!"
Presenting this year's graduation photo!
Remembering all the wonderful memories I had!
Teacher`s speech
Thank you very much, teachers.
"I'm very proud of you!"
Flowers for the teachers from the students.
"Good luck!!"
"Thank you veru much for all your support!!"
Cheers, everyone!
A snapshot with all our teachers.
Dancing to the tune of
the English version of "Paprika"
Paprika, when our flowers start to bloom...
Let`s all come together now,
point our fingers to the sky!!
Let`s sing a song altogether.
We are conected forever.
The Cast of Momotaro Play!
Everybody enjoyed putting on their costumes.
Cute old man.
"Mom, my character is very cool!"
The long hair looks real!
Our three good-looking Momotaros!
Picture with friends
Picture 1:With the homeroom teacher
Picture 2:With homeroom teachers
Picture with mom
Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!