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節分 !!
The Bean-Throwing Ceremony !!
Penguin Class!!
Cute Ogres!!
A little ogre!
What's that!?
The ogre appears!!
"Throw the balls ! Hit the Ogre!!"
"Beat him!!"
The snarling ogre roars! Everyone scatters!
"What is that!?'
"Oh no! It's an OGRE"
"I`m an evil OGRE!!" "You`re not scared of me!?"
Starfish Class!!
What lovely smiles!!
"What is that over there?"
"What is that!?"
"It's got a red face!"
Evil OGRE!!
"Phew! I think it's gone!'
"We are 4 years old, so we eat 4 beans."
"More beans, please!!"
"Use the balls to beat the evil ogre!!"
"Go away, Evil Ogre!"
"Another one! Oh NO!"
"Get out evil ogre!!"
"I`ll gonna eat you!!"
"You're coming with me!!"
"How do I look!?"
"Let`s eat beans!!"
"How does it taste?"
Handmade cups!!
"Setsubun" is fun!!