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クリスマスパーティー !!
Christmas Party !!
"Penguin Class!! Happy Faces!!"
"We are looking forward to seeing Santa!!"
"What present will Santa bring!?"
"Hello everyone!!"
"Hello, I`m Santa Claus from the North Pole."
"Let`s take a picture together!"
"Santa saaaaaan"
"What is inside!?"
"Hey little boy, come here!"
"Nice to meet you Santa Claus! I`m ..."
"Merry Christmas everyone!!"
"I brought your presents!"
"I finally get to meet Santa!!"
"I`m so happy to meet Santa!!"
"Say Cheese!!"
Let`s make Christmas hats!
"How are our cute hats!?"
"Slowly, Slowly"
"See! I`m good, right!"
"Around here!?"
"Around here??? ..."
"We wish you a Merry Christmas!!"
"Merry Christmas, everyone!!"