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キッズプラザ大阪に行ってきました !!
We went to Kids Plaza Osaka !!
"On the way to Osaka Kids Plaza !!"
"Waiting for the train!!"
"We love riding on the train!"
"Next: JR Loop Line!"
"This is it! Kids Plaza!"
Fun climbing on the suspension bridge
Rope climbing too!
"Which on is it? That one!"
"See how far you can roll the ball!'
"A glass elevator! WOW!"
The best spot to watch from!
Splash! But we're not wet at all!"
Fun house mirrors in the waiting line!
Video producing!
Hair style fun!
Playing house
'In our house we have a pet dog.'
Cash-out fun with the register
Shopping Play
Writing postcards at the post office
A friendly mail carrier
Stethescopes and X-rays
'I'd like to mail this letter.'
'Would you like wasabi on your egg?'
Strawberry short-cake at the cake shop
Lunch Time!!
"Yummy, Yummy!!"
Climbing high!
Sliding down!
Another long slide!
"Four of us at once!"
"Shhh- don't say anything!"
"We were exhausted on the way back."
"We had a great time!!"