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ハロウィンパーティ !!
Halloween Party !!
Let`s get ready for the Halloween Party!!
"This is fun!!"
"Mom, I`m scared!"
"I don`t want to go!"
"Don`t worry."
A firefighter!!
A minion!!
"Happy Halloween!"
Disney World!!
Shall we dance!?
Sailor Moons!!
The Dracula Family!!
Princess all-stars!!
Candy hunting!!
" Watch as I make this coin go MAGICALLY
through the glass!"
"This magic plunger will suck out your thoughts
and we will know the card you chose!"
"If it is true that he always listens to his mother, the water will not fall on his head!"
"Is he telling the truth!? What is happening!?"
"The water won't budge!!"
"He tells the truth!! He's a good boy"
"Everyone look this way
and say 'Trick or Treat!'!"