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サツマイモ堀り !!
Digging sweet potatoes !!
Field trip Day!!
"We are so excited!!"
"Who will get the biggest sweet potato!?"
"I will! No, I willl!!"
"Here we are!"
"Let`s go to the sweet potato field!"
"Is everyone ready!?"
"This is fun!!"
"This one is really hard to dig it out!!"
"Little by little!"
"I see the top!"
"I got it!!"
"I finally got it!!"
"I got a really big one!!"
"I got so many!!"
"Mom & Dad, I`ll bring these home for you!!"
"All of them are huge!!"
"I can`t hold all these."
"YEAH!, I got it!, Mhhh・・・・?"
"Look at mine!!, it`s so cute, isn`t it!?"
"Oh, a worm!!"
Happy lunch time!!
"Mom, this rice ball you made is so good!!"
Play time!!
"Let`s try to catch some bugs!"
"Three, Two, One, Go!!"
What are you catching......?
"I can blow up a balloon."
"Let`s make bubbles!!"
They look so happy!!
Bubble world!!
"Fly it like this"
"I found an acorn!!"
"Look!, He's already asleep."
But soon after, she also falls asleep...
"We all had a super day!!"