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お泊り保育 !!
Pajama Party !!
Today is the annual pajama party!!
Everybody, listen to the teachers please.
"You all know how to play bingo, right?"
"Yes! I got that!"
"2 more and I've got bingo!"
"There is that picture on my sheet!"
Listening to the winners card.
Choosing a prize
"Look at what I won!"
Next, Janken game!!
"Curry! My FAVORITE!"
"Do you take a picture!?"
"What is that!?"
"Homemade naan! Fantastic!"
"Would you like some more naan?"
Nice pic with the teach!
"I'm so hungry!"
Everyone is happy at a curry party
"I could eat this everyday!"
"Mum, mant malk might mow"
...and jelly for dessert.
'This one is super sour!'
"We're here for seconds!"
Filling our tummies
"You eat too much!"
"It`s ok!!"
"We love CURRY!"
Off to the park!
Careful- don't burn yourself!
Keep it away from your body!
"Wow, smokeeeeey!"
Hooray, for fireworks!
"Sparklers are my favorite!"
Here's how you light it.
So nice to finally lay down.
"I wonder which one is yummy."
"I take it." "I take it, too."
"Me too, Me too!!"
"We`re looking forward to
eating breakfast together!!"
"Put your hands together!!"
"Thank you for the breakfast!!"×2
"Let`s eat!!"
"Who wants to drink this!?"
"I do!!, I do!!"
"This is my favotite!!"
"I woke up at 4am this morning!"
"I slept well last night!"
"Come closer!"
"We love pajama party!!"