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イチゴ狩り !!
Picking strawberries up !!
"We have a field trip today!!"
"We will go to the strawberries farm!!"
The bus ride is a fun part of the trip too!!
Off the bus, then walk to the strawberry farm.
Now let`s go strawberry picking!!
Across the road.
Put your hands up!!
"Here we are!!"
"Make a line, please!!"
"Waooo! There are many strawberries!!"
"This one is probably sweet."
"It`s the first time for me to pick strawberries."
"Look at mine!"
"All of mine are very big!!"
"How does it taste?"
"So sweet!!"
" Yummyyy!"
"Mmmmmm.....very tasty!!"
First bite!!
"I ate them all"
Lunch time!!
"My mom`s sandwitch is very yummy!!"
Yeahhhhh!! It`s a train!!
Thank you mom!!
Synchronized eating!!
Run Run Run!!
"What is this?"
"I don`t know."
" A Ladybug!!"
Moving to the river!!
"I can`t move."
"It`s fun to play in the river!!"
"The water is cold."
"There is something!?"
"Did I catch something?"
"I couldn`t catch fish but I caught grass instead!"
"Finally I caught fish!!"
"Show me, show me!!"
"My shorts got wet!"
"I prefer bubble soap to playing in the river."
"We love strawberries!!"