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入園式 !!
Orientation Ceremony !!
Today is Orientation Ceremony!!
Present of flowers from the parents.
Blue Dolphins!!
Families arrive for the Orientation Ceremony.
Looking forward to meeting the teachers.
New school life starts!!
Some are very excited to be in kinder!!
"What is this?"
"It`s your name tag."
"Are you nervous?"
New students` entrance!!
<Along the line, Along the line.>
Everybody came!
Words of welcome from the older students.
"Welcome to Blue Dolphins!!"
"Let`s have a lot of fun together!!"
Question time.
"What`s your name?"
"How old are you?"
"I don`t want to answer the questions."
"Can you answer some questions?"
"No, not yet."
"What is written on my name tag?"
<I`m getting sleepy.>
<I`m getting board>
"Lion, Gaoooo!!"
She finally settled down!
"It`s fun!!"
Taking a picture with teachers!!
Congratulations to our newcomers!!