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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony !!
Graduation Day at last!
Presents for the moms.
Gifts for the graduates
"We are so excited!!"
They are getting ready!
" Stay still, ok!?"
"Are you nervous?"
"Not at all!"
"Let`s take a picture altogether!"
Graduation Ceremony 2019
Dolphin Class
Starfish Class
Receiving the diploma
"Thank you very much!"
"<It`s my turn, Calm down, Calm down>"
Now for the speeches!
"When I grow up, I want to be a ・・・"
Graduates presenting flowers to their monthers
Graduates receiving presents
from the younger sutdents.
"Please take these flowers
as a token of our thanks, teachers!"
Teachers receiving flowers from the graduates.
"Thank you so much, everyone!"
Exiting the stage after the ceremony.
"Hey, everyone, take my picture!!"
Penguin Class Performance!!
"Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree"
"Ton, ton, ton! Ton, ton, ton!"
"The wheels on the bus goes ・・・"
The Starfish Class performance of
"Let`s have a party!!"
"<Slowly, Slowly>"
"Look at me, Mom!"
"Today is March 29th!"
"There are lots of people here today!!"
"Snap, Snap!!"
"Hello, how are you?"
Curtain Call
"Hey Mom and Daaaaad!!"
" We did great!"
"The End"
"Thank you very much. See you!!"
Dolphin Class performance of
"The Prince`s Wedding"
"I think our son is ready to get married."
"Yes, it`s time for him to find his wife."
The King's Horsemen
The Fairy
The Nurse and her Daughter
The Doctor and and her Daughter
The Teacher and her Daughter
The Baker and her Daughters
The Farmers and their Daughter
"Let`s have a party with a fashion show!"
The Chicken Dance!
"The Fashion Show begins!!
Princess 1"
"Princess 2"
"Princess 3"
"Princess 4"
"Princess 5"
"Princess 6"
"All the Princesses!!
"Wait - Princess 7?"
"Is she a princess?"
"and Princess 8?"
"Princess 9?"
"What are they doing?!"
Princess 10!!
"Thank you all for watching!!"
"The last performance: Graduates sing!!"
Never back down, never be shy :
"Try Everything!!"
"Congratulations to the Class of 2019!!!"