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節分 !!
The Bean-Throwing Ceremony !!
"Who am I !?"
"You can use these balls to beat demons"
"Go away, Demon!!"
"It's Scaryyyyyy"
"I`m not scared of you!!"
"Starfish Class"
These are the balls to beat demons!
"Everyone, throw the balls to the demon!!"
"Oniwa Soto!!"
"The Demon is coming this way!"
"Collect the balls!!"
"Let`s hide under the desk!!"
Let`s eat beans!!
"We are 5 years old, so we have to eat 5 beans"
"It is yummy isn`t it!?"
"I want to eat more!!"
A Demon appears!!
"I`m gonna eat you!!"
"Come this way!!"
"Hold my hand tightly!!"
"Don`t worry!!"
"We can stay together!!"
"I`ll take you home!!"
"Let me go!!"
"Beat the demon!!"
"Setsubun" is fun!!