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クリスマスパーティー !!
Christmas Party !!
"I`m lookimg forward to seeing Santa!!"
"We wish you a Merry Chiristmas×3"
"And a Happy New Year!!"
Here comes Santa Claus!!
"Hello, everyone!!"
"This is for you, here you are."
Little Santa!!
"Have you been a good little girl this year?"
"Yes, I have!!"
"Smile, Smile!"
"I`m so happy to meet Santa!!"
Peace sign? or 3 years?
"What is inside?"
"Merry Christmas, everyone!!"
"I brought your presents"
"He is not Santa Claus!!"
"I`m the real Santa!!"
"I finally get to meet Santa!!"
"I got a present from Santa!!"
"Are we so elegant!?"
Santa .....AWESOME!!!!
"We`re making Christmas hats!!"
"How are our cute hats!?"
Story Time!!
"Slowly, Slowly"
"We gotta balance this candy to win the race"
"How much candy can I get in one scoop!?"
"Merry Christmas, everyone!!"