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We went to look for signs of Autumn.
We go to look for signs of Autumn today.
"Hi, it`s our field trip today!"
We can see a lot of Autumn signs.
We arrived at the beach.
See my cute seashells!!
"Let`s fish with this branch."
"There are some pigeons."
"Let`s feed them!!"
"Here we go!"
Slowly, Slowly.
Next,some seagulls came.
"Throw the food in the air!"
"They will catch it!"
"Give me more food to feed!!"
"Ok,ok, You are like birds."
Don`t eat the food for birds.
"More please!!"
"I don`t have any more!!"
Lunch Time!!
"We want to eat lunch right now!!"
"I found pinecorns."
"Me too!!"
"We found many signs of Fall!!"