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サツマイモ堀り !!
Digging sweet potatoes !!
It`s a school trip today!!
Everyone, are you ready!?
"Have you done this before?"
"Yes, this is my second time."
"It`s hard to dig it up,isn`t it!?"
"Yeah, it`s hard!!"
"Yeah, finally I dug them up!!"
"Look, I got a big one!"
"Mom & Dad, I`ll take this home for you!"
"I`ve dug up all of these !"
Lunch Time!!
Lunch time makes us happy!!
"I caught a lizard!"
Do you know what this is?
It`s a praying mantis.
"I`ve found a big worm!!"
"You can touch it, here you are!"
"Look, acorns!"
"Let`s go in here!!"
"I can climb up a tree!"
"I blow up a balloon."
Sweet dreams on the bus ride home.
"Catch a big bubble!!"
"We all had a super day!!"