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イチゴ狩り !!
Picking strawberries up !!
"Let`s go strawberry picking!!"
The bus ride is a fun part of the trip too !!
You came here to pick strawberries, didn`t you !?
"Here we are !"
"Make a line, please !"
"Let`s pick strawberries"
"This one is probably sweet."
"It`s the first time for me to pick strawberries"
"This is so much fun !!"
"Look at our strawberries !!"
"Everything looks delicious, doesnt it !?"
"Mmmmmm......very tasty !!"
"Are my lips a little red !?"
We all played in the nearby reiver.
"It`s fun to play in the river"
"Say 'cheese'!"
"I got soaked!"
"I prefer bubble soap to playing in the river."
"Hey, don`t lean on me."
Everybody loves strawberries !!