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遠足:夙川公園 !!
Field Trip to Shukugawa Park !!
"I `m riding on a horse !!"
"I'm Having fun riding !"
"I`m heavier than you !"
"It`s not fair. Somebody, come sit down !!"
"Now, we are heavier than you !!"
"we are going to the top !!"
"I got a pinecone !!"
"Do I look like a baby !?"
"Whoopee !!"
"we are going up high on the swing !!"
All three on a swing!
"I am a Kamen Rider !!"
"I'm so happy in the park !"
"Woooo, this elephant is pretty bouncy !!"
"Push more please !"
"This one is fun and interesting !"
"We can climb up the tree !!"
Resting on the tree.
"Watch your step !!"
Lunch tastes good after playing !!
Snack time !!
Feeding pigeons.
"Are you pigeons ?"
"Yes, we are pigeons !"
"We`re still hungry !!"
"It`s not your food."
"It`s ok. Yummy !!"
"Too Heavy !"
We all had a wonderful field trip !!