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卒園式 !!
Graduation Ceremony !!
Students and teachers made this together !!
Presents for moms.
Gifts for graduates.
"Is it ok ?"
"It`s ok !!"
The ceremony is going to start soon !!
Graduation Ceremony 2018.
Dolphins Class.
Starfish Class.
Graduates enter.
Everybody, sit down.
Giving out the diplomas.
Stand straight.
The moment of receiving the diploma.
Wakling to the center stage
after receiving their diplomas.
Now the time to say their words・・・
Graduates giving flowers to their mothers.
Graduates receiving presents
from the younger students.
"We`ve got a lot of presents"
Walking out of stage after the ceremony.
Penguin Class Performance !!
"What can you play !?"
"I play the piano !"
"I play the saxphone !"
"One, Two, Three !!"
Cover your eyes !!
Good-bye, Take care・・・
The Starfish Class performed
"Mr. Gumpy and his friends"
"I`m Mr. Gumpy."
"I`m going fishing today."
"Jump, Jump!"
"We are the aligators!"
"Row Row Row your boat・・・"
"Country home, take me home・・・"
The curtain call.
"I`ve played well"
"I feel embassed"
"Smile, Smile"
"The End"
"Thank you all for watching !"
The Dolphin Class performed
"Emperor`s New Clothes"
"We will bring the best tailors from the world!!"
"We came from the Great Walls of China!"
"Hey, what's up!"
"I from America!"
The Japanese taylors are doing
the "Matsuri" dance!
"Bonjour, We are the French taylors!"
"We're Jamaicans!"
"This is how you dance!"
"Congratulaitons to the Class of 2018 !!"