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節分 !!
The Bean-Throwing Ceremony !!
Penguin Class !!
Everyone, are you ready !!
Do I look cute !?
Let`s make a demon`s horns !!
I painted my hand instead of a demon`s horns.
I can see something.
Demon is coming !!
Did you finish making your horns ?
"Oniwa Soto !!"
I`ve caught you !!
Help me pleaseeee !!
Starfish Class !!
Go away, Demon !!
"Don`t be scared, let`s be strong together!!"
I`m gonna eat you !!
We`re are 5 years old,
so we have to eat 5 beans.
Look at these, these are cute right !!
Hey, stop. I`m not a demon.
We can beat Demons !!
Dolphins Class !!
Let`s beat demons !!
Were you good this year ?
Do you listen to your teacher ?
Yes, we do. Go away !!
Whaaaaa!!! Everybody, quick!! Throw!!!
Collect the weapons !!
It hit his face, nows the chance !!
I`ll take you home !!
If you don`t listen to your mom & dad,
we`ll be back, Ok !?
"Setsubun" is fun !!